The Art of Phillip Frankcombe

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Phillip Frankcombe

Reasons for painting

The inspiration for the paintings is from Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi who founded Sahaja Yoga Meditation in 1970. She has shown me many beautiful things.

The intention is to combine the elements of Mother Nature with the Spiritual Mother. Taking motives and symbols from different cultures and religions, the aim is to visually represent the historical feminine, that creative but subtle power. The stencilled and drawn motives may be English, Islamic, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu or a stencil from Bunnings; any motive which shows this appreciation of the Divine creative force. These elements of Earth, Water, Air, Ether and Fire are a close and beautiful result of this creative energy. The different spiritual symbols added to the elements, hopefully give a universal touch.

The paintings can be of various sizes, combinations and styles but with the same visual intention in mind. Stretched canvas, mounted canvas boards and MDF board, have acrylic gesso ground with acrylic paint blocking in the first colours and then oils for the finer detail. Various sized brushes build the image and then satay sticks of different gauges are used to give the flow of white dots to represent this invisible, singular energy. Combinations of colours are important to me and are used as a reminder of the light and the beauty of creation, clear varnish is the finishing touch and hopefully gives life and shine to the colour.

Thank You – Phillip Frankcombe.

‘Jamini Joy’ .9 x.6